Movie Review – Vash

Poster of a movie Vash

Vash is an Indian Gujarati-language psychological thriller film directed by Krishnadev Yagnik. It is produced by KS Entertainment, Patel Processing Studios and Ananta Business Corp in collaboration with A Big Box Series Production and distributed by Panorama Studios. It released on 10th of February 2023.

Vash is a Gujarati word which means “Hypnotism” in English. From the poster you can tell that the genre of the movie is horror.

Plot Overview:

Movie starts with happy family where a girl (main character) is studying in college and her father is a pilot came to home to spend quality time with family. While they decide to visit their farmhouse and have some fun, they come across a bad character AKA villain of the movie. A villain is a master in hypnotism and quickly hypnotize a girl with his flawless technique and movie takes a dark turn. After realizing that his girl is in control of bad character, father tries to save her and get back her, but get her back is not easy because he has to fight with his own daughter being controlled by bad character. How father saves his daughter and what’s the motive of villain to hypnotize that’s interesting to see. Any further word would spoil the experience!

My Opinion:

All in all, movie is really thrilling and will keep you excited and entertained throughout the run time. It goes through fast speed and won’t give you a chance to yawn in between. The cast is amazing, their acting is beautiful, dialog delivery is up to mark. This movie is really worth your attention if you are into horror and thriller.

Please feel free to share your thoughts/review if you’ve watched this movie.

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